Ed Whitacre at GM

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Ten years from now, will former Ed Whitacre have a resume that includes the reconstruction of the power and prestige an American icon, and also briefly ran a doomed car company in Detroit?  Or will he be two for two?  Readers of Telecom Ramblings know him as well as any group, so what do you think:

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As a fan of competitive telecom I wish Whitacre hadn’t done many of the things he did at SBC and AT&T, even if it did make sense for the company.  However he certainly did leave his mark.

I don’t envy the job ahead of him one bit.  It’s one thing to take over a functioning company with local monopoly power and a low profile and leverage it into something greater.  It’s quite another to take over a completely dysfunctional car company like GM that is under intense scrutiny from all directions – political, legal, economic, and competitive – and bring it back from oblivion.  There are no guaranteed incumbent revenues here, there is no obvious direction to go.  This is a much, much harder job.

I never thought I would say it, but…  Good luck, Ed.

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