Three Strikes, French Style

May 14th, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

This week, the French parliament has been working very hard, passing ground breaking anti-piracy legislation.  Or perhaps they’re just grandstanding while passing a really stupid law.  It sort of depends on your point of view.   It goes like this:  there will be a new government agency whose job it is to a) collect complaints about music and movie piracy from the industry, b) send out warning letters to the accused, and c) have the internet access cut off for anyone who gets a third letter.  Sounds like the RIAA’s dream come true right? 

Sometimes though, it’s hard to cut through the pea soup of marketing and politics to see what is really going on.  That’s why we need a bit of satire to help, and for that there is this excellent post by Ed Felten over on Freedom-to-Tinker.   I’m all for it now, aren’t you?  When is the anti-music-piracy debate past the mentality of “what’s good for me” and onto what makes sense for everyone?

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