Padmasree Warrior as Obama's CTO?

January 16th, 2009 by · 8 Comments

Reports are that President-elect Obama has narrowed his choice for his newly-created post of CTO, and on that final list is Cisco’s CTO Padmasree Warrior.  Let’s just leave aside for a moment just what this CTO position is – because I have yet to see it defined in anything other than political buzzwords.  And let’s ignore Cisco’s involvement too, because I don’t know what that means yet either… 

warriorI just have to say, what a great name for a White House CTO.  She could log onto World of Warcraft under her real name, and nobody would notice it – who knows, maybe she already does!  She’s up to date, moreso than me perhaps since she uses Twitter for more than blog post updates.  And what political hack in the White House wouldn’t shudder a bit before walking into the Warrior’s Cave, I mean office?

She’s got my vote already.  Now I’ll just try to figure out what she’s supposed to do.  Maybe she can help Julius Genachowski find a nickname, or maybe just revamp the FCC’s website so it makes any sense at all.  If she succeeds at that, she’ll already be a success.  But she’s not the nominee yet I guess.

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8 Comments So Far

  • Tea says:

    Haha that’s funny I’m friends with her son and I know her in real life LOL. I hope she wins even if I am biased but u know, my friend is basically garunteed into any collesge he wants if she makes it as cto for Obama.

    • Insight says:

      I have had conatc with her. She has a PR machine writng for her and promoting her. Can someone please tell me something this lady accomplished? ….let me be specific, something good?

  • carlk says:

    Hmm, the blog owner seems to have crossed over some boundary lines regarding proper etiquette and/or respect. I believed that was the case when first reading this dribble.

    Be careful though, Mr. Tea, the last time I inquired about the conduct of one of his featured telecom personalities inside this sphere, my inquiry was censored, so never to be seen or heard from again.

    They idolize this person on this blog, very similar to how some fools idolize Mark Cuban.

    Coincidentally, the fool I speak of, is a fan of Cuban! imo

  • Rob Powell says:

    carlk, I keep telling you, if you want to take the risks involved with slandering someone all you need to do is start your own blog. It’s really easy and nobody can censor you.

  • carlk says:

    You know, Rob, I’ve always made the case that, financial message boards should not enable anonymous posters at all. There might be a lot less fraudulent activities including but not limited to, pump and dump schemes, etc., if that were the case. Isn’t it nice of the SEC to direct investors in general to places such as those in order to ascertain information about their investments, when they know the “den of thieves” who are embedded inside? On the other hand, there might be a lot less posting about companies too, but that would be just fine also, wouldn’t it?

    Less talk, more action. Oh yeah, that used to be RBS’ ad jingle , another HOUSE of CARDS being bailed out by Mother England.

    Btw, I never saw your response to my metro vs. long haul?

    Best regards.

  • Rob Powell says:

    The SEC directs investors to message boards? Never seen that one. Nevertheless, the mix of humor, news, and analysis I choose to fill my blog with is my own choice – which is the whole point.

    As for your metro vs long haul, I must have missed it at the time I guess.

  • Someonewhoknows says:

    She is all about self promotion. A hollow moron

  • x-shill says:

    She gets all her material from others. Padmasree Warrior is absolutely NOT qualified to be a CTO. She has been either a disaster when she had real job responsibility (consider her negative impact at Motorola) or just a a political appointee without real power at Cisco. This individual has no vision or deep technology understanding and she is a poor executive as well.

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