Caruso Exposes a Skeleton

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BearOnBusiness has lately been offering some amazing insight into the operation of a fiber based telecom over the past few days.  But today’s post, The Problem with Telecom Companies is a must-read.  The general idea is that many problems that are quickly blamed on nebulous backoffice failures really originate much earlier in the process.  If your sales force is confused about what you sell, where you sell it, and who you sell it to, then there is no software on Earth which can stop service activation from floundering.  On the other hand, the backoffice does manage to generate its own screwups as well.

But Dan’s description sent shivers down my spine, as I read that I thought “he’s talking about XXX in 200X” and I went through about 5 companies in a row  that fit the pattern, of very different sizes too.   He didn’t name any and I won’t either – getting the skeleton out of the closet is one thing, putting him on the front porch is another.  You are welcome to though, just leave a comment… 🙂

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