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A few days ago, TelecomRamblings’s RSS feed switched from Feedburner to Google, as part of Google’s assimilation of Feedburner feeds.  Google of course, thinks everything went perfectly and the old address forwards to the new one.  However, it appears to do so very slowly, so readers subscribed via the old method don’t see new posts for a while – especially Firefox LiveBookmarks and Bloglines, but also Google Reader itself sometimes it seems.  If this is affecting you, simply resubscribe by clicking on this button:  rssfeedsor any other RSS button on www.telecomramblings.com, then just delete the old subscription via whatever reader you use.

If you are reading this wondering what the heck RSS is, read this and get with the program!  RSS readers are invaluable if you want to keep up with more than a few news sources and blogs, they collect new articles and posts for you so you can scan them quickly for what you want to read rather than visit each site manually.  Personally I prefer Google Reader but there are many options.

If you subscribe via email, the only thing that may have changed is the email address your update gets sent from – if you aren’t getting updates I suggest checking your spam folder.  Anyone needing further assistance just drop me an email.

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