Sprint's Dualmode Wimax Gadget

December 18th, 2008 by · 1 Comment

Sprint is supposedly about to start selling a dualmode WiMax/CDMA modem, which means it will use 4G WiMax if it can find it, and CDMA everywhere else.  Right now, that’s just Baltimore of course, but the WiMax cities should expand quickly through 2009 as Clearwire builds out.  I have to say it:  I want one of these gadgets.  It’s just that I don’t live in Baltimore, so I’ll have to wait a bit.

When it comes to the internet and its technologies, I’m very widely traveled.  But I’ve generally been very conservative when it comes to mobile gadgets.  I just couldn’t get excited about ring tones or push-to-talk, text messaging is like pulling teeth to me, and I just detest looking at those little screens for anything other than phone numbers.  Even the iPhone hasn’t lured me in yet.

But I can feel the tug of the future, and when WiMax does manage to roll out in my neighborhood (either the USA one or the Beijing one or both), I will finally line up behind the Pied Piper and start marching along.   I’m ready to be unstrung, Clearwire come and get me!

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  • Peter says:

    About 9 months ago I gave up after 18 months of using Sprints EVDO product for mobile wireless. They claimed speeds of 1.5mb which I was lucky if I got half of….that was priced at $59 per month after paying probably $100 for the Novatel Wireless adapter. Now they are selling a $150 dongle from Franklin Wireless and charging $80 a month for 2-4mb for Wimax and 1mb of EVDO when you leave Baltimore….which I expect everyone tries to do at their first opportunity. 2-4mb for Wimax? What the hell ever happened to their blazing speed? Needless to say when I left Sprint They hit me with a $200 cancellation charge; no prorated credit for 18 months and the worst was I cancelled the second day of the billing period and they would not pro-rate my credit for the 28 days until I got the State’s AG involved. Beware..

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