Major New IE Flaw Discovered

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Security sites around the internet are telling people to avoid using IE due to a major new security flaw.  As for me, I use Firefox with Opera and Safari as my main backups and have avoided IE for years.  In fact, sometimes I think I ought to put one of those disclaimers on this blog:  “This website is best viewed in Firefox” because when I make changes I often forget to check whether they look ok in Internet Explorer.

Often when they find such a flaw, it is theoretical and found by the good guys and gets patched quickly.  Not this time, looks like the bad guys got this one in place, complete with ten thousand websites to take advantage of it – all you need to do is view the site and you’re infected.  The goal?  Stealing gaming passwords…  Could be worse, could be a $50B Wall Street Ponzi scheme or something, haha.   But some hacker will move on to more dangerous schemes quickly.

So if you’re out there reading Telecom Ramblings on IE (about 65% of readers according to my diagnostics), be smart and install Firefox to use at least for the time being, you might also find that it is faster, uses less memory, and doesn’t crash much – or try Opera or Safari.  Having two browsers is a good idea anyway, when one is compromised you can just switch to the other for a while.  Or you can be like me, and have no less than 5 browsers installed at any one time, just because you like to fiddle with them.

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