A Christmas Card

December 20th, 2008 by · 1 Comment

My 8 year old daughter has figured out what a blog is, and that I write one and she wants to say hello.  She also knows how to use photoshop, far exceeding myself in that ability already.  In terms of the graphic arts my skills rank somewhere between none and utterly pathetic, I guess she gets the talent from her mother.   So on this slower-than-normal pre-Christmas weekend, she drew a Christmas card for Telecom Ramblings readers.

A Christmas card for you from my daughter

Hmmm, it’s nice to have some color for once.  I’m going to have to find ways to work more pictures into the blog.  Carlk is right, too many spreadsheets hurt the brain after a while.

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  • carlk says:

    Hi Rob,

    Happy holidays to your family too. Your daughter is very talented for someone so young. Some say, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” even while you express such modesty in deferring to your wife. who I am sure is talented too. 🙂

    Regarding spread sheets, I think I was referencing Charles Munger who seems to be somewhat dismissive of their utility when it comes to predicting or forecasting healthy businesses.

    As a matter of fact, I know a couple of Buffett disciples who rather assess the potential success of healthy business models inside of their heads regarding outcomes related to stats and probability.

    Stated differently, a healthy growing business shouldn’t find it hard to exceed expectations being set by bean counter types in a dynamic setting designed for explosive exponential growth.

    I have always viewed LVLT that way, especially while measuring their executive presentations, and commentaries surrounding addressable markets.

    The problem remains; however, that they never told us the “platform” or “chassis” which one might have believed was “state of the art,” was insufficient to accommodate the coveted growth which investors were baited with as being “around the corner” for how many years?

    Warm regards,


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