Now Nuclear Powered Data Centers?

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First it was wave powered floating data centers, then tidal powered data centers in the Scottish Highlands, and today Data Center Knowledge has a fascinating article on possible nuclear powered datacenters. The idea revolves around a hot tub sized 27 megawatt nuclear power module from Hyperion that you bury on the property.

Well, I guess it’s carbon friendly anyway, and the uranium hydride in them is supposedly not enriched anywhere near weapons grade.   But wow, the idea of burying little nuclear powerplants brings a whole new angle on Superfund sites.  No Tommy, you can’t play baseball in that vacant lot, there used to be a datacenter there, it might be radioactive! No of course you can’t dig holes either!  Where do you think that five legged rabbit came from?

But one has to admit that the datacenter business is becoming a hotbed of interesting ideas on how to solve its burdgeoning power problems. If you can get past the radioactive part and the economics work out, having an off-the-grid 27 megawatt hot tub that you can bury anywhere there’s dirt solve a heck of a lot of problems at once.  But what’s next? Fusion power?  Uranium hah!  Just add seawater! LOL 🙂

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