Has the Market Overreacted?

October 12th, 2008 by · 3 Comments

Well, if you read this blog much, you know my opinion.  What I’d like to know is yours.  Do you think the internet infrastructure sector is more resilient than Wall Street is giving them credit for?  Is there anything likely to be said during Q3 earnings calls over the next few weeks that will be as terrifying as last week’s market plunge implies?  Are sales about to drop off a cliff?  Or are we just

talking about a belt tightening, separating the wheat from the chaff?

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  • Morty Dick says:

    As a sector communications appears to be in decent shape . Certainly no where near the condition it was in back in 2001 . Supply/demand seems to be in balance & there are far fewer competitors .
    That being said, this is a far different economic situation than presented in any decline since the 30’s . We are dealing with a worldwide collapse of the financial system . Nobody can confidently predict the outcome .
    Much depends on decisions made by Central Bankers & political leaders worldwide . To ignore the possibility of a complete devaluation of all assets is in my opinion NAIVE .
    I am not predicting anything , just saying I don’t know .
    Consolidation would be in order !


  • Nobody knows anything right now.

  • Tesla_X says:

    The market volatility is a symptom of more ups and downs to come, methinks, and the 930+ point rise is a red flag IMHO.

    I’m staying closer to home, driving less and using my bundled services to provide a balance of income, communication and entertainment, and I think I’m not alone.

    For that reason, I’m thinking Telecom is as good a place to invest as any…and has been taken down with the rest of the market…and will likely stabilize and recover before others.

    On another note…

    I wonder how smart the FRP CEO is feeling right now or if their plans have changed?

    Loved that last minute grab n scram with the Lehman credit line $$…

    I’d say ‘priceless’ but we all know how much it was…

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