Zayo's #11: Citynet Again

September 30th, 2008 by · 2 Comments

So we weren’t able to solve the riddle posed by Dan Caruso as to who Zayo’s 11th acquisition was.  The answer?  Metro fiber assets in Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago, Cincinnati, and the tri-cities area of Tennessee from Citynet.  Wait, Citynet?  Did someone hit the rewind button?  Didn’t Zayo already buy Citynet’s wholesale assets last winter?  Yes they did, but apparently Citynet had a bit more in the closet that Zayo didn’t buy.  I’m not sure why, perhaps Dan will shed some light on the subject later on.  So no wonder we were stumped, we (er, I) had crossed them off the list before we were even challenged – oops.

Regardless, the assets look interesting – Zayo expands to the southwest with a few more isolated metro networks to keep Denver company.  These still don’t look like the final state, perhaps next comes someone like Alpheus for a real Texan presence.  And of course Zayo gets deeper into its home turf in Chicago and especially Cincinnati.

With the chaos in the financial markets, it looks as if Zayo is still the only hungry telecom out there for a while yet.  They have certainly proven that they can dig up assets nobody has thought of in years, I wonder what is next.  One wonders though just how much financial firepower they have left though.

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  • Dan Caruso says:

    To your “One wonders though just how much financial firepower they have left though”: see blog post on bearonbusiness today. 🙂

    BTW, Rob’s final guess on Dallas and Phoenix was a very good one, closer than he might even realize.

  • skibare says:

    Mankind LOVES a Good Riddle given the Financial CHAOS of late………..

    will the HOUSE pass the Bailout Bill this week???

    Will MORE money from BANKS help telecom pull out of its funk lately????

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