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September 5th, 2008 by · 6 Comments

With the apparent sudden death of the InvestorVillage message boards, I have been pushed to action.  In that poll I ran just a few days ago, the top suggestion was discussion forums, and so I thought what the heck.  I mean, even if nobody shows up I still get to mess around with my website and I just love doing that.  And yet, there was no urgency at first.

But now literally hundreds of former denizens of the Level 3, XO, Internap, and other boards at IV are facing the ugly choice of Yahoo or Google or even, gasp, Raging Bull.  So why not give it a go?  If nothing else, it will give these IV telecom folks, many of whom follow my blog, somewhere to at least talk about where to take their communities. At best, it could be a neutral place we could gather longer term rather than spend our time dodging spam that Yahoo has never even slowed down.

So anyhow, it’s raw, low on features, and light on testing.  But it’s there, and it seems to work, so if you want to try out the Telecom Ramblings Forums please do.  You’ll also see a link in the top menu bar.  If you have ever registered on this blog, your name and password will also work on the forums.  If you haven’t registered and don’t want to, you’ll be able to read anyway of course, but to post you’ll need to register.

Please note, it’s not going to look like IV, and I’ve made the initial forums non-stock-symbol specific rather than create a huge list of unpopulated forums.  We can change the forum structure over time if there are enough people to make it worthwhile – I thought it important to get something out there today.  Also, please note that I am not Google, I don’t have 40 engineers playing ping pong and doing tai chi out back right now, so suggestions are welcome but don’t be offended if I lack the manpower or talent to implement them right off the bat.

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6 Comments So Far

  • The_highwayman says:

    yo rob, I have registered but have not received an email pwd. I used the PWD recovery feature and still no PWD….

    can you help me out here, use my email I use when I leave a comment

  • Rob Powell says:

    If you’re not receiving the email with the password, check your spam filters. On one test I ran the email took an hour to get there, I’m not sure why.

  • pvinvestor says:


    I checked my spam folder on Comcast and I did not have a message with my password.

    I know playing the help desk role isn’t fun but thanks for trying this out.


  • Rob – why did this not work out?

    We have a small but very active forum community where sign-ups are moderated. It works well and would benefit from an injection of more users.

    Where did the Investor Village folks end up?

  • Rob Powell says:

    Investor Village came up within hours of my post of course. The forum system I set up at the time wasn’t really ready for prime time anyway, likewise I’m not very happy with my new attempt so I haven’t promoted it. My early readership base came from other forums (yahoo, IV, etc), and thus they already had a place they were used to and I haven’t been ready to give them a reason to switch.

    Mostly it has been a matter of priorities. I have been working to get my daily unique visitors over 1000 through wider exposure. However, I will likely return to the forum idea in a few months.

  • Evorn says:


    The FBI is putting the pressure on ISPs to keep logs of what user do online, and then to keep these records for at least two years. FBI Director Robert Mueller is calling for the retention of user “origin and destination information.”…!


    …didn’t find it on 🙂

    Sorry, if choose this incorrectly! Move it, please!

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