NTT's Broadband 'Cap'

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Apparently, NTT’s customers in Japan are also getting a usage cap.   But it’s quite different from Comcasts 250Gb/month limit.  NTT’s limit is a) daily, b) 30Gb, and c) upstream only.  Who the heck uploads 30Gb/day?  Apparently some P2P nodes will do that if you let them and happen to be hooked up to the sort of monster 100mbps fiber connections you can get in Japan. 

I don’t think there are many people that could keep a straight face and claim that uploading over 30Gb/day isn’t excessive.  I mean, that’s 4 times Comcast’s limit just going one way – and the slow way at that.  This would seem to allow unbounded HD movie downloads – so I have to ask: if NTT can handle the aggregation network for unlimited downloads at such speeds without fear, why is it that Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T say they need to throttle bandwidth because of overuse of DSL and cable at much slower speeds?  Oh right, so their video offerings have an advantage, I forgot.

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