Zayo Buys Columbia Fiber Solutions

August 26th, 2008 by · 6 Comments

Caruso strikes again!  Following up on the purchase of Northwest Telephone, Zayo announced today the purchase of Columbia Fiber Solutions.  Columbia Fiber has a very dense metro network in Spokane, with 350 lit buildings on just 320 route miles of fiber, the purchase will add scale to Zayo’s ambitions in the pacific northwest.  In fact, it brings some of that Northwest Telephone revenue onto a wholly owned platform, since they apparently leased from Columbia Fiber Solutions in Spokane.

I had not heard of Columbia Fiber solutions before yesterday, when Zayo’s Dan Caruso himself proposed including them on my metro fiber list in a comment.  At the time I did think it might fit with Zayo, but of course he already knew this deal was coming down.  One has to wonder just how much capital Zayo has left in its coffers, since the monetary values on the deals they do are rarely public.  Not that I blame them, Zayo certainly doesn’t want other potential bidders to know what cards they hold.  As discussed previously, Zayo has been able to snap up many assets while others are preoccupied, and that window may close at any time.

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6 Comments So Far

  • bscully says:

    I am not sure how I missed Zayo’s acquisitions from Centurytel.

    Were those locations the former KMC fiber rings and did they get the Switching assets?

  • Dan Caruso says:

    do you think I would have told you about CFS if not for the pending announcement? Maybe…maybe not.

  • Rob Powell says:

    In hindsight, it was clear enough.

    bscully, yes I believe the 5 markets Zayo bought from CenturyTel did originate with KMC. I would assume any switching assets were part of the deal, but I don’t actually know.

  • carlk says:

    Dan Caruso is being … [snipped]

    [EDITOR: Carl, I’m sorry but I won’t let this blog become a platform for wild unsubstantiated accusations that might have appeared on a message board somewhere. I suggest that you are doing exactly what the original accuser hoped you would do: spreading it wider and wider. However, if you really feel you need an answer, ask Dan directly on his blog, and if you insist on a public platform then it is relatively easy to start one’s own blog.]

  • carlk says:

    Rob, I have been taking abuse from those same poster(s) on that board, and in PM’s all day long, with them knowing Dan wouldn’t respond to the charges he/she/they brought forth. You are well aware of the message board because you appear there yourself, and have used it as a sounding board before you began this blog. I’ve asked Dan, who has appeared there too, to comment. For whatever reasons, he has chosen not to. I’ll respect your wishes, and leave it at that, but I am left with no other choice except to believe there might be sprinkles of truth to their accusations. Moreover, in the past-Ike’s blog-Mr. Caruso has ignored my personal inquiries to him, which also did not sit well from my perspective. He’s a bit arrogant, based upon my experiences and observations. Once again, I am sorry that I clogged your board with that inquiry earlier. Carl

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