DNC Video and 'Awesomeness'

August 27th, 2008 by · 5 Comments

This is the first (and perhaps last) time I have seen the word ‘awesomeness’ appear on washingtonpost.com.  Here is the quote:

But the most awesome (I have probably never used that word in seven years of this site) online video feed is on the official Democratic Convention site, on DemConvention.com site.

Streaming isn’t supposed to be awesome is it? It’s supposed to be small and grainy, stopping to buffer now and then, right? Well, with the Olympics streaming via Limelight from Beijing and now the DNC on Level 3 via Silverlight in HD, one has to sense that a turning point is upon us.  Ignore the politics for a second and think about that video.  It makes me want to watch video on your computer, and it doesn’t make me think of YouTube at all.  Internet video has been long on promises and short on results for years now, but it may finally be ready to roll.

MicroSoft’s investment in Move Networks today is another signal that the time has come.  If they had time, you know MicroSoft would be building its own parallel technology to go with Silverlight.  But they didn’t.  There is a lot of money behind Move and many strategic partnerships as well.  And for good reason, I wonder when they will go public.

As a showcase for their CDN services, I think Level 3 is definitely getting what it needs out of this convention just as Limelight got what it needed out of the Olympics.  With the BBC flap plus the buzz for their competitors, Akamai is having a rather difficult August on the PR front.

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