The Size of Skype

July 20th, 2008 by · 1 Comment

Ike Elliott posted a nice summary of Skype’s financial progress the other day, I recommend a look.  Reading through it I was struck by the size of Skype’s business these days.  It seems that this year they should have around $550M in revenue, of the non-cable voip players only Vonage is bigger.  I myself have used Skype a great deal, but only rarely for paid services.

I suppose I have always been blinded by the fact that initially Skype grew from nothing into something huge without even trying to earn a penny, and that most of what I use of Skypes is free.  I have never really given them enough credit for monetizing the business, mainly because I have seen so many other companies start free and then stumble on the making money part.  I largely assumed that Ebay was making a mistake in buying Skype, and I still think they overpaid but perhaps not by as much as I thought.

But I do miss the dynamic VoIP beast that everyone feared would tear apart the telecom world, it’s too calm out there right now.

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  • skibare says:

    Skype has only scratched the telecom surface so far and about 97% of population has NOT even tried it much less heard of it…………338 million users out of HOW MANY BILLION out there awaiting the “””EPIPHANY MOMENT””” when they discover skype over mobile video………its only just begun as the Carpenters singing plays in the background of the next Level3 Annual Meeting………………

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