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Several weeks ago, I took a look at the various metro fiber companies for which I could find data.  Well, it took some time, some nosing around, and some estimation, but I have what I consider my final list.  For now anyway, I will update over time I’m sure, and who knows, new information may come to light. I estimated Zayo’s metro route miles based on their acquisitions plus some rough estimations, I don’t think I’m far off.  The rest I either found a direct reference to or, in one or two cases, actually counted the dots on their public maps.

Company Route Miles Buildings RtMiles/Bldg
Optimum Lightpath 2700 2500 1.1
Southern Light Fiber 1000 800 1.3
American Fiber Systems 1000 540 1.9
AGL Networks 523 211 2.5
TW Telecom 25930 10,254 2.5
XO Communications 9000 3000 3.0
Level 3 26000 7600 3.4
Abovenet 4500 1300 3.5
Integra Telecom 2200 580 3.8
Zayo 6000 1500 4.0
RCN Metro 5626 1200 4.7
Cavtel Wholesale 1550 300 5.2
FiberLight 1400 250 5.6
US Signal 700 100 7.0
Cogent 10400 1240 8.4
IP Networks Inc 400 40 10.0
Fibertech 2300 200 11.5
SRPNet Telecom 950 55 17.3
Edison Carrier Solutions 3000 115 26.1

There are some interesting new names on this list, private companies I knew nothing about until working through this table.   The two with the most miles per buildings seem to be fiber networks associated with electric utilities – they go everywhere but hook up little yet.  Zayo shows up where I figured they’d be at about 4.  Joining AFS, Optimum Lightpath, and TW Telecom as the most dense networks are two I had never heard of but which I will keep an eye out for: AGL Networks and Southern Light Fiber.   Thanks to all commenters for information and leads.

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  • Louis Inclarq says:

    Really enjoy your informative posts and now your blogging! Not to nit-pick here, but shouldn’t that last header be:

    Route miles/Buildings?

  • Rob Powell says:

    You’re correct, I have corrected the table header. Thanks Louis.

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