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June 10th, 2008 by · 2 Comments

One of the challenges out there that interests me the most is just how to harness online video.  It is at such an early stage that what we are seeing is mostly old business models with a new tool they don’t yet fully understand how to use.  For instance we see various efforts by content owners and distributors to put together a distribution site for their existing libraries, e.g. Netflix and Apple streaming video, and even Hulu.  It is disintermediation, a change in the supply chain where the middlemen are removed or replaced by cheaper ones, but while this is a real and important phenomenon, I feel will pale next to the next generation of killer apps.  The next killer apps will take online video and do something new, not something old.  The internet should enable far more than the streaming of episodes of old sitcoms on demand.  Of course, YouTube enabled the average person to publish video, and that was a pretty big change, but we’re due for more than just that.

One example of an attempt is Envysion, which is using the internet to enable video surveillance in ways that nobody has ever tried.  Could that technology and what develops from it really change how businesses are run?  I don’t know, but I will be watching with interest.  But what of the consumer space?  Anyone see any really new ideas out there?

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  • The_highwayman says:

    I think the next real wave for consumers will be something youtube has only touched on….

    I think it is quite possible that even Hollywood as we know it may be over….there is some really good talent, music, acting, directing , producing on certain websites(names escape me right now) but you get the point.

    Lets also talk about true distance learning now. It may be possible that you will not have to send your kid to Yale…Yale comes to your kid…

    Something as simple as diagnosing a bad thermocouple on the HVAC unit may even be a thing of the past….

    Right now I view the video apps as more entertainment oriented, which is fine, but the next few killer apps I want to see need to be social impacting ones, like telemedicine, etc.

    I am really tired so I apologize if this is just rambling…oh wait this is telecom ramblings…

    great stuff and keep it up I appreciate all your work

  • Rob, Very thought provoking. I’ve linked to this from our blog. Hopefully our readers can help add to the dialogue.


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