SEC Filings for Bell Canada

This page and its derivatives are designed for quick browsing of SEC filings for companies either in or related to the telecom and internet infrastructure sectors.  Email any suggestions or bug reports to the webmaster.

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All Filings Quarterly Reports Ownership (Form 3/4)
SUPPL 06-06-19
EFFECT 05-31-19
F-10/A 05-29-19
F-X 05-23-19
F-X 05-23-19
F-X 05-23-19
F-X 05-23-19
F-10 05-23-19
SUPPL 05-09-19
FWP 05-08-19
SUPPL 05-08-19
SUPPL 09-12-18
FWP 09-11-18
SUPPL 09-11-18
SUPPL 06-19-18
SUPPL 03-28-18
FWP 03-26-18
SUPPL 03-26-18
EFFECT 03-22-18
F-10/A 03-20-18
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3 03-08-07
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I do not include the option of listing hundreds of filings on a page because a) this is intended for quick access rather than in depth searching, and b) because in the case of viewing 'All' companies, it uses up too many server resources.  When viewing filings for the whole sector, there is no link to the SEC site because there is no comparable page there.  Actually, viewing the most recent filings for the sector at a glance is one of the main things I simply couldn't do at the SEC site and therefore drove me to write my own tool.

Filings are cached for approximately an hour, and refreshed automatically.  The sector-wide filings view can be slow during such an update.  I'm working on it.