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September 17th, 2008  

XO as an Acquirer?

September 14th, 2008  

Where Cogent Is – Europe

September 13th, 2008  

Where Cogent Is – North America

September 11th, 2008  

Global Crossing On the Prowl?

September 11th, 2008  

Bits and Pieces

September 10th, 2008  

Level 3 Finally Pulls Its MPLS Together

September 9th, 2008  

Which IP Network Will Enter the CDN Biz Next?

September 9th, 2008  

TW Telecom Sees More Softness Coming

September 8th, 2008  

Tata Enters CDN Space Via BitGravity

September 6th, 2008  

Where Level 3 Wholesale Is

September 5th, 2008  

Connecting the Dots on Traffic

September 4th, 2008  

Level 3 to Stream the Paralympics

September 3rd, 2008  

Telegeography Says Traffic is Still Growing

September 3rd, 2008  

Global Crossing Back in the Colo Biz?

September 3rd, 2008  

How the Internet Works

September 2nd, 2008  

THUS Finally Gives In

August 30th, 2008  

Is It Time to Let XO Out of the Doghouse?

August 29th, 2008  

Obama, Streaming, and Wow

August 28th, 2008  

Google Plans Beyond Unity

August 28th, 2008  

Savvis Realigns Business Units

August 26th, 2008  

An Update to Thejuice's LVLT Model

August 25th, 2008  

Next: Independent Regional Fiber Providers

August 23rd, 2008  

The DNC Will Be a Zoo

August 22nd, 2008  

The BBC, the iPlayer, and IP Traffic

August 20th, 2008  

XO Enhances Ethernet Offerings, Again

August 19th, 2008  

Dan Rayburn's Interview with Jim Crowe

August 17th, 2008  

TheJuice's Level 3 Model for Q3 2008

August 15th, 2008  

Who Will Buy McLeod's Fiber From PAETEC?

August 14th, 2008  

Earnings Summary for Internet Infrastructure

August 14th, 2008  

Fiber/Railroad Rights-of-way Case Finally Settled?

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