Category: 'Financials'

April 12th, 2010  

EdgeCast Raises Another Round

April 8th, 2010  

Fiber Valuations Update, and a New Home For My Charts

April 6th, 2010  

AT&T Commits $1B to Business Markets

March 31st, 2010  

XO Finally Reports Q4/2009

March 28th, 2010  

Competitive Telecom Trends: EBITDA-Capex/Revenue

March 26th, 2010  

Competitive Telecom Trends: Capital Expenditures

March 25th, 2010  

Deltacom Makes Up Mind, Raises $325M

March 24th, 2010  

EBITDA Margin Trends for Competitive Telecoms

March 23rd, 2010  

Relative Revenue Growth for Competitive Telecoms

March 20th, 2010  

Telx Files for IPO

March 17th, 2010  

TW Telecom Closes Offering, Pulls Fiber to MaximumASP

March 15th, 2010  

Here Comes BroadSoft’s IPO At Last

March 10th, 2010  

Abovenet Closes Books on 2009 Comeback

March 9th, 2010  

Ciena Sells $375M in Converts

March 9th, 2010  

Amidst Buyout News: RCN Metro’s Q4

March 5th, 2010  

FiberTower Reports, Shows Off New Balance Sheet

March 4th, 2010  

Ciena Checks In, Nortel’s MEN Looms Large

March 3rd, 2010  

TW Telecom Raising $430M, Preparing to Make a Move?

March 3rd, 2010  

CBeyond Sees Higher EBITDA Margins

March 3rd, 2010  

Internap Reports Q4, Adds to Data Center Footprint

March 2nd, 2010  

Force10 to Go Public, Plans $144M IPO

February 26th, 2010  

MetroPCS and Leap Offer Diverging Reports

February 25th, 2010  

Vonage Earns Profit, Hires CFO

February 25th, 2010  

Cogent Ends 2009 With Another Solid Performance

February 24th, 2010  

$395M For TelePacific

February 24th, 2010  

Clearwire Adds 133K Net Subscribers

February 23rd, 2010  

Limelight Turns In Steady Q4

February 23rd, 2010  

Juniper Finds Uses For Its Cash

February 16th, 2010  

Global Crossing Reports Q4/09, Holds Steady

February 16th, 2010  

Neutral Tandem Reports, Joins Ethernet Exchange Party

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