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October 4th, 2009  

The Extent of the Latency War in Financial Networking

September 17th, 2009  

Friday Roundup: Digital Realty, Frontier, TELEHOUSE, and Congress

September 10th, 2009  

Zayo Now the Proud Owner of Fibernet Telecom Group

September 9th, 2009  

Two More Data Centers for Equinix

September 8th, 2009  

Switch & Data Reels in $100M

August 5th, 2009  

Internap Reports, Unveils New Look

July 29th, 2009  

Earnings Everywhere: Qwest, Sprint, Switch&Data, Savvis

July 25th, 2009  

Zayo Advances in Indianapolis, TW Telecom in Colorado

July 23rd, 2009  

Equinix Beats Targets, Raises Guidance

July 22nd, 2009  

Global Crossing Opens Amsterdam Datacenter

July 20th, 2009  

Infinera, Equinix to Lead Off Earnings Season

July 15th, 2009  

Internap Axes CTO Position

July 14th, 2009  

Phoenix ONE Gains Level 3, Cox Pipes

July 13th, 2009  

Equinix Wins Another Financial Exchange

July 5th, 2009  

In Other News

June 28th, 2009  

i/o Data Centers opens Phoenix ONE

June 25th, 2009  

NYSE Euronext Building Its New Infrastructure With Juniper

June 24th, 2009  

Summer Begins On an Expansive Note

June 15th, 2009  

Savvis and Global Crossing: Could That Work?

June 9th, 2009  

Equinix and Terremark Both Raise a Bundle of Cash

June 5th, 2009  

Telx Raises a Pile of Cash

May 29th, 2009  

Shortage in Colocation Looms Nearer

May 28th, 2009  

SGI Deploys An Ice Cube

May 27th, 2009  

Terremark Reports, VMWare Buys a Stake

May 18th, 2009  

Digital Realty Plans For Expansion

April 29th, 2009  

Savvis Shines in Q2

April 29th, 2009  

Switch and Data Powers Onward

April 23rd, 2009  

IPhone Sales Beat Out Wireline Losses at AT&T

April 23rd, 2009  

Equinix Strides Easily Into Q2

April 15th, 2009  

Digital Realty Sells $260M in Convertible Debt

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