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I do not claim perfect coverage, so if you come across a link that ought to make the list, let me know.

Current Picks:

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CenturyLink Draws On Past To Build Its Future - Forbes November 30, 2015
Federal data center consolidation plan goes awry with 2,000 ‘forgotten’ facilities | SiliconANGLE November 21, 2015
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No VoIP on Time Warner Cable - VoIPWatch November 9, 2015
Military pundit calls on China to blow up US subsea cables | Electric Speech November 9, 2015
EC Confusion and Prejudice around the OTT terminology | Diffraction Analysis November 6, 2015
Equinix Opens Paranormal Data Center to Provide Interconnection to the Spirit World | The Equinix Blog November 2, 2015
Why the European Parliament needs to enforce clear Net Neutrality laws | Dean Bubley's Disruptive Wireless October 26, 2015
Broadband Providers Face New York Scrutiny Over Speed Claims - Bloomberg Business October 26, 2015
Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort - The New York Times October 26, 2015
Verizon Tips Comcast Wireless Service | Light Reading October 22, 2015
Regional NBN services targeted by government report | ZDNet October 22, 2015
The New IP - Incumbents: Do or Die | LightReading October 21, 2015
Special What? Why you should care about the FCC’s Special Access Investigation - Beyond Bandwidth October 19, 2015
Why IPv6 Deployment is Slow in Africa & What to Do About It | CircleID October 19, 2015
On "Special Access" Broadband, The FCC Can't Leave Well Enough Alone | Forbes October 19, 2015
Stop "Overselling" SDN, Orange Tells Vendors | Light Reading October 13, 2015
Mayors unite to trash Verizon over slow fiber internet rollouts | engadget October 6, 2015
ILEC Special Access: Is It a "Relevant Market?" - TeleComSense September 24, 2015