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Feeling Edgy? Join the Crowd | Light Reading September 26, 2014
Comcast Turns Off Streampix | Light Reading September 26, 2014
IP transit price declines slow globally | Telegeography September 24, 2014
The bargaining over the sale of Sprint wireline is under way | TC2's David Rohde September 22, 2014
Verizon, enemy of Open Internet rules, says it loves the “open Internet” | Ars Technica September 18, 2014
AT&T’s Network Virtualization Effort Yields First Service - WSJ September 17, 2014
OTT: Friend or Foe? | Light Reading September 16, 2014
Vodafone Complains That It's Difficult To Do Business In India | Forbes September 12, 2014
Paying to stay out of a phone directory that's not even printed | LA Times September 12, 2014
The Internet of Things Is Getting Its Own Wireless Networks | Businessweek September 9, 2014
Digital Realty Connects Data Centers | Light Reading September 8, 2014
Kiwis to keep waiting on second sub-cable | Stuff.co.nz September 5, 2014
Eastern Europe's Flourishing Fiber Scene | Light Reading September 5, 2014
Infamous “podcast patent” heads to trial | Ars Technica September 5, 2014
Why Internet governance should be left to the engineers - The Washington Post September 4, 2014
Verizon pays record fine for violating phone customers’ privacy rights | Ars Technica September 3, 2014
Is there a creativity deficit in science? | Ars Technica September 3, 2014
AT&T: Cities should never offer Internet service where ISPs already do or might later | Ars Technica September 2, 2014
Docker CEO: Docker’s Impact on Data Center Industry Will Be Huge | Data Center Knowledge August 22, 2014
Traffic lights are dangerously easy to hack - CNN.com August 22, 2014
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