Category: 'Undersea cables'

August 17th, 2017  

Thursday Bytes: Windstream, Limelight, Southern Cross, CoreSite, Mammoth, Expereo

August 10th, 2017  

Work Begins on SACS’s African End

July 24th, 2017  

Huawei Marine, BTL Launch 32Tbps Cable System

July 20th, 2017  

Int’l Bytes: HE, Hawaiki, Interoute, Cataleya, Limelight

July 17th, 2017  

AAE-1 cable system lands in Hong Kong

July 11th, 2017  

Deep Blue Cable Taps TE SubCom for New Caribbean Cable

July 7th, 2017  

Bharti Airtel Eyes Tata’s Communications Assets

June 28th, 2017  

Huawei Marine Wins SAIL Contract

June 27th, 2017  

The AAE-1 Cable System Is Now Live

June 6th, 2017  

Tuesday Bytes: H5, Viawest, Subcom

June 2nd, 2017  

IOX, ASN Plan Indian Ocean Cable

June 1st, 2017  

Int’l Bytes: Interxion, Sparkle, Orange, Tampnet

May 25th, 2017  

Industry Spotlight: Xtera CSO Robert Richardson Looks Ahead

May 22nd, 2017  

Monday Roundup: Seacom, HGC, Cataleya, Zayo

May 19th, 2017  

Friday Int’l Roundup: Orange Business, Hawaiki, Sparkle, BSO

May 17th, 2017  

Int’l Bytes: Aqua Comms, Hurricane Electric, Telia, Colt, Interoute, Equinix

May 15th, 2017  

NEC sets long-haul subsea cable record

May 11th, 2017  

Thursday Roundup: SubCom, Zayo, Aqua Comms

May 9th, 2017  

Crosslake Unveils Plans For Submarine Cable Under Lake Ontario

May 9th, 2017  

Tuesday Roundup: LightRiver, Infinera, Megaport, Aricent

May 8th, 2017  

Seaborn and Spread Team Up

April 24th, 2017  

South Atlantic Cable System Construction Underway

April 24th, 2017  

Thailand plans to build Bangkok-China-HK cable

April 12th, 2017  

Ocean Networks Taps OSI, Updates Plans for SAPL Cable System

April 6th, 2017  

Superloop Acquires SubPartners, Joins INDIGO Cable Project

April 4th, 2017  

Seaborn Plans a Cable Further South

March 22nd, 2017  

Facebook, Nokia Push Through Transatlantic Speed Limits

March 21st, 2017  

Industry Spotlight: Ciena’s Anthony McLachlan on Submarine

March 17th, 2017  

Friday Bytes: Zayo, GTT, Orange, LINX

March 7th, 2017  

Int’l Roundup: Nokia, Verizon, Epsilon, BICS

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